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With the hot sales at home and abroad, we founded our own brand-Eddie, and is also working hard to develop our business with our brand. The goal is to list the brand and have a systematic service.


This year, we start our foreign business, We exposed our website on the Internet. Many customers who want to find professionally manufactured hydraulic oil pumps in China have found us and have established long-term supply partnerships. 

Including Southeast Asian countries, European countries, Asian countries and American countries.


The production line was expanded from 2 to 6, which greatly met customer needs. Based on the success of the hydraulic vane pump, the technological process of the hydraulic plunger/piston pump was developed.

We can supply the Parker Denison piston pump, Yuken piston pump, Daikin piston pump, Bosch Rexroth piston pump, Nachi piston pump, Tokimec piston pump, Vickers piston pump.


the sales amount over 5 Million this year, and there are so many customers all over China are purchasing the pumps from us.


Become the distributor of Denison vane pump, include T6 T7 single vane pump, double vane pump and trible vane pump, T6GC single and double vane pump, include their repair parts.

The vane pump include those brand: Denison vane pump, Tokimec vane pump, Yuken vane pump, Vickers vane pump.


Shenzhen Eddie Hydraulic Components was found in 2007, have technical person, set up hydraulic pump research and development department.