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Rexroth Hydraulic Piston Pump-Eddie Hydraulic

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Rexroth piston pump products belong to Bosch Rexroth, Bosch-Rexroth has become a worldwide role model in the fields of hydraulic transmission, control and mobile technology.


Rexroth hydraulic products include vane pumps and piston pumps, Vane pumps are available in a wider range of sizes. They are used in applications requiring medium operating pressures and low noise emissions.


Vane pumps include: PV7, PVV, PVQ, PVH series and so on.


Axial piston pumps in bent axis and swash plate and design are intended for the medium and high pressure range. Numerous variations in the designs, ranges, performance and adjustment options provide ideal solutions for mobile and stationary applications. There are some classify of Rexroth piston pump from fixed pump, variable pump(open circuit), variable pump(closed circuit).


Fixed pump: A2FO, AA2FO, A4FO, A10FZO

Variable pumps, open circuit: A1VO, A4VBO, A4VHO, A4VSO, AA4VSO, A7VO, A10VO, A10VSO31, AA10VSO31, A10VSO32,  A10VZO, A15VSO, A7VK.

Variable pumps, closed circuit: A4VSG, AA4VSG, A4CSG, AA4CSG, A10VZG.


A2FO series piston pump: A2FO10A2FO12A2FO16A2FO23A2FO28A2FO32A2FO45A2FO56A2FO63A2FO80A2FO90A2FO107A2FO125A2FO160A2FO180A2FO200A2FO250A2FO355A2FO500


A4VSO series piston pump: A4VSO40A4VSO45A4VSO56A4VSO71A4VSO125A4VSO180A4VSO250A4VSO355


A10VSO series piston pump: A10VSO10A10VSO18A10VSO28A10VSO37A10VSO45A10VSO71A10VSO100A10VSO140


A4VG series piston pump: A4VG28A4VG45A4VG50A4VG56A4VG71A4VG125A4VG180A4VG250


A8VO series piston pump: A8VO55A8VO80A8VO107A8VO160


Rexroth piston pump has some features:

1.Customized products and great compatibility and adaptability can improve automation and resource efficiency;

2. Integration of customers and partners including production efficiency, flexibility, and reliability;

3. Intelligent sharing and information networking;

4. Safety and security for industry.

It can be used in so many area, such as longmen planer, broaching machine, hydraulic press, construction machinery.

Shenzhen Eddie Hydraulic Components Co.,Ltd can provide you the original Rexroth piston pump and vane pump, we have all the series upon and we can provide after-sell service, which provides assurance to the quality of hydraulic pumps. We sells our pump to so many countries, like Russia, USA, UK, Mexico, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, and so on.

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