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How to solve the problems that appear in the Denison oil pump hydraulic control speed?

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Speed adjustment is one of the most important components for the Denison oil pump hydraulic system. The speed cannot reach the correct control range, or execution speed is uneven, those all will make the oil pump cannot stop working normally. What should we do to solve those problems? What approach is the most effective?



(1) There is no main reason for small feed in the actuator (hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic motor)

1. The spring of the speed control valve fixed differential pressure reducing valve is too soft, so that the pressure difference between the front and rear of the throttle valve is too low, and the small flow through the speed control valve is unstable.

2. The orifice of the throttle valve is blocked, causing no small flow or small flow instability.

3. The pressure reducing valve in the speed control valve is stuck, and the pressure difference between the front and back of the throttle valve changes with the external load. It is often seen that the minimum feed is increased due to the small load when the feed is small.



(2)The main reason for the significant drop in feed speed when the load increases.

1. The pressure reducing valve in the speed control valve is stuck in the open position, and the flow through the throttle valve drops when the load increases.

2. The leakage of hydraulic cylinder piston or one or several components in the system increases significantly with the increase of load and pressure.


(3) The main reason for the creeping actuator

1. In the oil intake throttle speed control system, the hydraulic cylinder has no back pressure or lack of back pressure, and when the external load changes, the cylinder speed will change.                          2. Due to poor smoothness, the guide rail and the hydraulic cylinder axis are not parallel, the sealing pressure of the piston rod is too tight, the piston rod is bent and deformed, etc., which cause the frictional force to change greatly during the working stroke of the hydraulic cylinder and cause creeping.

3. Air enters the system.

4. Hydraulic pump; the flow pulsation is large, and the overflow valve vibration causes the system pressure pulsation to be large, which is caused by the fluctuation of the input pressure oil of the hydraulic cylinder.

5. The valve port of the throttle valve is blocked, the leakage of the system is unstable, and the pressure reducing valve in the speed control valve is not sensitive, resulting in unstable flow and causing creeping.

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