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Are there any trial runs and tests for Denison vane pumps? What needs to be checked?

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1. No-load trial operation of Denison vane pump

1. First check the connection, tightening, lubrication, sealing, operation, test control system, adjustment control system, and safety device actions and functions, and make appropriate adjustments. At the same time, check whether the indications of various instruments meet the specified standards . If the assembly performance test has not been carried out, the test operation shall be carried out separately, and the failure and abnormal sound, temperature rise, bounce, etc. found in the test operation shall not be subjected to the load test without being eliminated.

2. Load trial operation of Denison vane pump

The load test run is performed after the no-load test run is normal. Through the load test operation, it is determined whether the dynamic performance, economic performance, operating conditions and the functions of the manipulation, adjustment, control and safety devices of the Denison vane pump machinery meet the operational requirements.

3. Inspection after trial operation of Denison vane pump

After the load trial operation, the various parts must be actively checked for deformation, looseness, overheating, damage, etc., and the sealing of the relevant parts and the contact of the friction surface must be checked.

4. Pressure test and compactness test of Denison vane pump

(1) Denison vane pump hydraulic test: usually used to check the tightness and strength of welds and connections. Generally, water is used as the medium, so it is also called hydraulic test.

(2) Air pressure test: For containers that are not allowed to have trace residual liquid due to institutional reasons or in the container, use air pressure test to detect.

(3) Tightness test: For pressure vessels storing various gases or liquids, a weld tightness test should be carried out to ensure no leakage. Usually, methods such as air tightness test, kerosene leakage test and ammonia penetration test can be used.

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