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The oil pump (hydraulic pump) cannot suck oil or has no pressure

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The oil pump (hydraulic pump) cannot suck oil or has no pressure

1. The direction of rotation of the prime mover and the oil pump are inconsistent ---correct the direction of rotation of the prime mover

2. The oil pump transmission key falls off --- reinstall the transmission key

3. Reverse connection of inlet and outlet ports---select the correct connection method according to the manual

4. The oil level in the fuel tank is too low, and the suction pipe mouth is exposed to the liquid level --- replenish oil to above the lowest oil mark line.

5. The speed is too low and the suction is insufficient --- increase the speed to reach the minimum speed of the oil pump.

6. The oil viscosity is too high, which makes the movement of the blades inflexible---select the working oil with the recommended viscosity.

7. The oil temperature is too low and the oil viscosity is too high---heat to the recommended normal working oil temperature.

8. The suction pipe or the filter device is blocked and the oil suction is not smooth---clean the pipe or the filter device, remove the blockage, and replace or filter the oil in the tank.

9. Too high filtration precision of the suction inlet filter causes poor oil absorption --- Select the filter correctly according to the instructions.

10. The low oil filtration precision of the system causes the blades to get stuck in the groove---disassemble and clean the internal parts of the oil pump, reinstall it carefully, and replace the oil.

11. The suction of the small displacement oil pump is insufficient ---fill the pump with oil.

12. Air leakage in the suction pipeline---check all connections of the pipeline, and seal and firm it.

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