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What the hydraulic pump is?

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Hydraulic pump is not complex and there are so many machines need to use it. The design of hydraulic pump is a piston in a cylinder that make a pressure to the incompressible liquid (usualliy is oil), then the force would be transmitted to another piston which can do something useful to you. The force usually will be doubled when process, thus the second piston will make be more successful than the first piston. In order to enhance the force, the piston size would be increased.

As to the oil, it must be isolated from air bubble, because if the bubble exist when using the piston, that will cause the wasty of the force to make effect on the bubble rather than on the piston. Lots of pump was damaged because of the oil pollution. The oil container must be made from aluminum or stainless steel to prevent the oil from pollution.

The oil pipe could be made in variety of length and shape in order to fit in different hydraulic system design. The pipe also can be branched, so the piston has one or more slaves.

The hydraulic pump exist on the life of us, but you might dont know about it. For example, the car use pump in the braking system. When you put your foot on the brake pedal and step down, that push the 2 cylinder pistons which drive each drive 2 slaves piston. Thus in turn the press the brake pads against the rotor to stop your car.

And there are also some pumps is drived by manual, electric, petrol, or compressed air.

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