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what is Denison vane pump?

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Let me introduce the Denison vane pump to you in detail.

Denison is a hydraulic company which was found in 1930 in The United State. With the advance technique and good quality products, it build his reputation and brand. Nowaday, this company already developed into a muti-national company and established his branch company in 18 countries.

In Denisons product, the Denison vane pump is very famous in the world, Denison vane pump is used in marine-machiney, refining machinery, pressing machinery, metallurgy machinery, casting machinery, plastic machinery and construction machinery etc.

Denison vane pump has so many features that suit to the application:

The capacity to achieve high working pressure in a compact size assures lower installation costs and high power-to-weight ratio.

The designed of hydraulic balance can prevent internally induced shaft and bearing radial load ensures long life.

The 12-blade system ensures small amplitude of flow pulsation and low system noise characteristics.

The number of drive couplings, double pumps and through shaft drive configuration save installation location and cost.

The factory-tested movement kit offers the performance of the new pump after installation.

The inherent low noise characteristics of the child-mother blade mechanism improve the comfort of the operator.

Through-axis drive type provides valuable loop design flexibility, such as realizing quantitative and variable type on a single input drive.

The ability to achieve high working pressure and 16 kinds of flow displacement provide the best choice and single source capability for your entire range of flow and pressure requirements.

The movement kit structure can assure efficient and fast on-site maintainability. The movement and the drive shaft are separated, and the flow capacity and performance can be easily changed without having to fold the pump from its base.

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