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Vickers hydraulic double vane pump 3525V series

Technical specification:Material: cast ironBrand:  Eaton VickersStructure: vane pumpMax. pressure:13.8-20.7MPaMax. speed

Product Description

Technical specification:

Material: cast iron

Brand:  Eaton Vickers

Structure: vane pump

Max. pressure:13.8-20.7MPa

Max. speed: 1500r/min

Min. speed: 600r/min

The ability to achieve high working pressure in a compact size ensures a high power-to-weight ratio and reduces installation costs. The inherent low-noise characteristics of the child-mother blade mechanism improve the comfort of the operator. The 12-blade system ensures small amplitude of flow pulsation and low system noise characteristics. The hydraulic balance designed to prevent internally induced radial loads of the shaft and bearings guarantees long life.

Vickers hydraulic pump is a son-mather structure. The son-mother vane pump provides long life, high productivity and application flexibility. The extremely low noise level is suitable for the most demanding industrial applications. The compact size and ease of use allow maximum flexibility in equipment design.

Vickers single vane pump V series:

 20V(Q) vane pump series

 25V(Q) vane pump series

 35V(Q) vane pump series

 45V(Q) vane pump series

Vickers vane pump double vane pump series:

 2520V(Q) vane pump series

 3520V(Q) vane pump series

 3525V(Q vane pump series

 4520V(Q) vane pump series

 4525V(Q) vane pump series

 4535V(Q) vane pump series

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